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These are some images of the many installations by artist Esther Shaw. See her statement below.

Pterodactyl installation Installation - Spirit 3  
camped in Joshua Tree installation    

THE BLIND SERIES was the first installation. It was a pun on the word blind. Using window blinds I constructed two life size figures titled: THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND. This grouping also included BLINDED, which was a fired clay figure under blinds. The second installation was a work that brought attention to the journalists killed covering Afghanistan and Iraq, following 9/11. The structure was made of newspapers titled IN THE NEWS, it included related paintings. The third installation was concerning autism. This work consisted of a large doorway that illuminated a biography of an autistic boy. The walls had illuminated drawings and paintings about the boy’s world. The work was an attempt to bring attention to autism and help the public to understand the world of an autistic child and their family. The last installation was an Earth Works piece. It was installed on the campus of Copper Mountain College. It was titled: SKELETAL TERRESTRIAL. It was part of a series constructed with the leaves from the Joshua tree. It was reminiscent of the ancient pterodactyl.

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